Welcome to the 91st Bombardment Group (H)

Macdill AFB    -    RAF Bassingbourn    -    RAF Fowlmere

We fly the A2A Simulations WoP B-17G daily as our members complete the Phases of their Hop List, attend training sessions, or fly in our campaigns. We also fly the WoP P-51, WoP P-47 Razorback, WoP Bf-109E, WoP Spitfire WoP P-40, MAAM B25J, R4D, DC-3 and C-47. While we fly all these aircraft, the reason we are all here is the venerable B-17 and it should be flown when flying your Hops.

After Phase 1 has been flown, and for the sake of authenticity, we each adopt one of the 400 named B-17's that flew with the original 91st Bombardment Group in 4 Squadrons. See our '91st B-17 Names' page on the site. The name you choose here will assign you to one of the four Squadrons and these assignments are permanent.

There is custom scenery available in our Quartermasters Office and reserved parking can be earned at RAF Bassingbourn and MacDill AFB for B-17's and RAF Fowlmere for Fighter Escorts. Our Parking pages show current parking assignments. After completing Phase 1, you can apply for Custom Paint and when Phase 2 has been flown you will be assigned reserved parking. Paint and parking applications should be made by email to the undersigned after Phase 1.

Please be aware that we have made our Website a second home for Members of the 91st Bomb Group Memorial Association and any other Veterans of the Wars. From the beginning, we have envisioned our web site, not only as a venue where flight simmers could fly and learn about the history of The Ragged Irregulars, but as a place where Veterans of that heralded era could see that they have not been forgotten for the extraordinary sacrifice they made to preserve the sanctity of freedom.


1. Veterans and Special Interest Groups  - Please identify yourselves by email to the undersigned at so we can exempt you from our site's requirement to fly. Of course, you are still welcome to fly if you wish.

2. Study the "Getting Started" and "General Orders" pages on the 91st site 

3. Join us 24/7  on the Teamspeak 3 server at: ts3.digitalthemepark.com (No Port or Password) The following link will introduce the Digital Theme Park http://digitalthemepark.blogspot.ca/
4. Do all your flying while connected to JoinFS.
      IP 91st.digitalthemepark.com
      Port 6464

5. You should have been assigned a Logbook when you joined. If you don't have one, a personal online Log Book can be requested.

6. While waiting to earn your custom paint, download and fly with the 'Probey Paint' for the Squadron that the B-17 name you have chosen belongs to. The Probey paints can be found in our Quartermasters Office.
7. Read the Bulletin Board on the site for all the latest news.

8. We are a Member Supported group of volunteers who donate their talents and ideas for your enjoyment and we have fixed costs that are defrayed by Member Donations.

If we can be of any help as you get started or down the road, please contact the undersigned by email.
On behalf of our 500 Plus Members, I thank you for becoming a part of our initiative and I look forward to flying with you.



vColonel Stephen *Seatime* Scott

Dedicated to recreating and flying authentic WWII RAF B-17 Missions in FSX and P3D

Commanding Officer, 91st Bombardment Group (H)