Pilots should print out the following 3 Documents
to Study and use as Reference at they Fly

Normal Operations

The Stag and Star is Open !!

Pilots, Report to your unit Commanders for the Mission 147 De-Briefing!
 NOTE: Before entering the server.....

1 - Set your FSX Tail Number to read your assigned Formation Position Name as per the Mission PDF.
2 - Set FSX Weather to the posted Theme in Free Flight  Save the flight as the DEFAULT flight and reload it in Multiplayer or in Free Flight when using  JoinFS!
3 - The server will be set to "Fair Weather" .  The custom weather theme will over-ride this.

See the Calendar entry for additional details for this mission !
Weather settings for this mission, use file: TBA


 Pilots flying missions MUST SIGN UP NO LATER THAN 12 HOURS PRIOR to scheduled takeoff!
Pilots - Refer to the List of 91st B-17 Pilots and Paints Page
to locate and Download the proper Paints
Ground crews - Prepare all aircraft for the mission!
Insure all LEAD aircraft have the updated Norden (V3.1) installed!
or one of the following configurations:

 The 91st continues to make this all possible with Member Supported Donations

We have fixed expense each month to consider

Maintaining the 91st and its COMM's is not without costs

What can You do for the 91st

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