Requirements for 91st Pilots and Guests to receive Credit 
for Missions and Major Flight Activity

Missions and Alternate Missions Re-Enactments, Bomber or Escort

Annual Ironman Re-Enactment
Annual Doolittle Raid Re-Enactment
Annual Dambusters Raid Re-Enactment
Annual D-Day Support Flight Re-Enactment

In the War Years, Missions and Flights were assigned by Senior Command Staff. We use the same protocol here in the current day 91st.  Our Missions and other Re-Enactment Flights take a great many days of hard work to design, produce, execute and log.

The following outlines the basic responsibilities of our Command Staff Members

who donate their time and efforts to make this all possible for the participants.


Colonel Gypsy Baron, Missions Development Officer

Responsible for:

Mission Planning

Mission Scheduling

Historical Mission Research and Education

Mission Log 'Sticky' in the Forum


Mission or Flight Lead (Lead of the Lead Element)

This is a Rotating Position assigned by Command Staff on Application 

Responsible for:

Pre-Mission Briefing in Teamspeak

On time Performance

Mission Navigation

On the Job Training to Participants as needed

Post Mission Report to Command Staff


Lt. Col. Tomas Adolfo Munoz, Mission and Flight Documentation Officer

Responsible for:

Mission Documentation

Receiving Mission and Flight Reports

Mission Log Raw Data

Mission Log Summary


Colonel Stephen *Seatime* Scott

Responsible for:

Concept, design, evolution, maintenance and Membership

of the present day

91st Bombardment Group (H)

World Class WWII Re-Enactments


- Prior to flying any Mission -

Please View and Print the following 3 documents and keep them handy for reference

Enter as Tail Number

Study and Practice

Do Not Fly Too Close

Study and Practice

Mission SOP's

1 - Sign Up Deadline = 12 Hours Prior to Takeoff

  • On Time Signup and On Time Performance is a prerequisite.

2 - Minimum Aircraft Limit Per Mission is 4 Bombers.  Fighters are welcome.

  • In order to respect to Mission Development and Statistical efforts, the minimum aircraft per Mission will be set at 4 Bombers for a Mission to count. Up to 4 Fighters are also welcome.

3 - Maximum Aircraft Limit Per Mission is 20 (Bombers & Fighters)

  • In order to preserve frame rates, the maximum aircraft per Mission will be limited to 16 Bombers and 4 Fighters. (The number of Control Tower Observation Positions are not limited).

4 - Stand By List

  • Once the 20 Aircraft limit has been reached, Pilots may continue to sign up but will be considered to be on "Stand By" for the Mission.

5- Mission Day Teamspeak Sign In Deadline

  • To allow for an on time departure, All pilots flying the mission Should sign into Teamspeak at least 60 minutes prior to the mission takeoff time. Any Pilot not Signed into Teamspeak by 45 minutes prior to Takeoff will be considered a "No Show". Any "No Show Pilots" will be replaced with standby pilots, if any.

6 - Bomber and Fighter Aircraft Spawning

  • In order to preserve Frame Rates, only Pilots that have met the mandatory pre-mission signup deadline and/or have been cleared from the Stand By List may spawn their aircraft into their assigned parking space.

7 - Bomber Taxi to Runway

  • In order to take off on time, Taxi begins 15 minutes prior to takeoff. Stragglers, if any, will go to the back of the line on the runway and form into their element positions once they are in the air.

8 - Fighter Escorts Operate Out of Fowlmere

  • In order to preserve Frame Rates for the Bombers at Bassingbourn, Fighters MUST spawn, takeoff and land at Fowlmere. Prior to Takeoff and/or after returning and landing, Fighter Pilots are welcome to spawn into the control tower at Bassingbourn to observe. Please do not spawn a Fighter Aircraft into Bassingbourn. All Fighters should maintain minimum of one half mile separation from the Bombers at all times while in flight.

9 - Observation Pilots - Spawn as Tower

  • In order to Preserve Frame Rates for the Bombers, Pilots who are not signed up for the Mission and wish to observe the takeoff and landings of the bomber wing, must Spawn in the Tower. Do Not Spawn in an Aircraft.

10 - Observation Pilots - Mute Mike in Teamspeak -or- Separate Channel

  • Anyone is welcome to come into Teamspeak to listen in on the event but they MUST mute their Mic for the entire Mission to minimize chatter. You are welcome to unmute your Mic at the Post Mission Photo Op and take part in the camaraderie.

11 - Mission Dates

  • Primary missions are flown on Saturday. All pilots that signed up but did not make the cut are eligible to fly the Mission at the same time the following day (Sunday) as long as there are still a minimum of 4 B-17s on the Sunday mission. Remember that a Mission only counts once. Members who flew on Saturday may also fly on Sunday to help make up the 4 B-17 Minimum. If a Pilot flies the same Mission again, they do so without further credit. These Sunday Missions are intended for Saturday No-Shows and Saturday Stand By's who were not cleared. (see Alternate Mission Dates) Notice of a Sunday Mission must be posted to the Calendar as well as in the Forum as soon as it is determined that such a mission is desired. This notice can be posted NO EARLIER that one hour after takeoff of the Saturday Mission.

12 - Alternate Mission Dates (Including Re-Fly Missions)

  • With Two Weeks Notice, any Member may request that a Mission be scheduled again at another time to accommodate other Time Zones. Request by email to: Colonel Gypsy Baron. The same Mission requirements expressed here, will apply to any Alternate Mission Date. Alternate Date Missions will depend on the availability of new Mission Documentation and Senior Command Staff specific to the new requested Date. A Mission will only count once no matter how many times it is flown.

13 - What if I find myself available and I did not sign up for the Mission?

  • We are a "Fun First Group" and if there is a slot open in a Mission, you are welcome to fly. You will not receive a Mission Credit and you obviously won't be in the pdf, but you can certainly fly and have fun. Check into Teamspeak by T-60 minutes and make your availability known, we'll make you welcome. You will not receive credit for the Mission.

14 - The Mission Credit Point System

  • Each Pilot who successfully fly's a particular Mission will receive a only one point for that mission. If he fly's it again for any reason, he will not receive an additional point.

15 - Post Mission or Flight Report by the Lead of the Lead Element

  • It is the responsibility of the Lead of the Lead Element to issue a Post Mission Report to the following: Lt Col. Tomas Adolfo Munoz, Mission Documentation Officer, Colonel Gypsy Baron, Mission Development Officer, Colonel Stephen *Seatime* Scott, Website Owner. This report should be sent promptly by Email to: Submit Post Mission Report There is also a post Mission Report Button on the Home Page.

16 - Mission or Flight Lead - Post Mission Report Content (two sections)

Section 1

  • Pilots who signed up in the Calendar at least 12 Hours Prior to Takeoff
  • Flew at least 75% of the Mission
  • These Pilots will earn a Mission Point if they have not flown that particular mission before

  • Name of each Bomber Pilot and the Position they flew in the various Elements
  • Names of each Fighter Pilot and the type of aircraft that each Pilot flew

Section 2   

  • Pilots who signed up in the Calendar at least 12 Hours Prior to the Mission Takeoff
  • Flew less than 75% of the Mission.
  • These Pilots will not earn a Mission Point and will be recorded as lost to Flack or EA
  • Names of each Bomber Pilot and the Position they Flew in the Various Elements
  • Names of each Fighter Pilot and the type of aircraft that each Pilot flew


  • There will be no mention in the official Mission Log Reports or Statistics of those Pilots who did not sign up in the Calendar as least 12 Hours Prior to the Mission Takeoff no matter how much of the mission they flew.

Revisions as of June 4, 2014

1 - To Exclude the Half Point Credit in requirement number 12, Plan ahead please

(The few half points earned prior to this date will be converted to full points. This had only been in effect for a few Missions).

2 - To assign the Responsibility for the Post Mission Report to the Mission or Flight Lead (Lead of the Lead Element) and to define the Report content.

Revision as of February 8, 2016

1 - Restated the Minimum of 4 aircraft (Bombers and/or Fighters) for a Mission to count.

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