Open to Current Active B-17 Hop List Pilots

If you are a current active B-17 Pilot or have completed our Hop List, you may fly our Organised Missions as a Bomber or Fighter Pilot 

Beginning with Mission 74, Aug. 25, 2012, a pilot must complete 25 missions as a Bomber Pilot to become a member of the Lucky Bastards Club and 50 Missions to be awarded the Fifty Mission Cap.

These awards do not include Fighter Pilots. All points awarded previously will count, but to complete 25 missions from here on, only points will be awarded to those flying Bombers.

Beginning with Mission 74, the Fighter Escort mission tally will be indicated by  "F" in the Mission Progress List

Standard Box Squadron Formation


                    The Missions of The Ragged Irregulars

Our virtual Missions are patterned after real Missions flown out of RAF Bassingbourn by the the Ragged Irregulars of the 91st Bombardment Group.  They are presented here in the date order they were originally flown.  Many sorties had to be flown more than once.

There is little historical detail of the actual routes in these flights took.  Our flight plans represent the routes these brave crews could well have flown.  We are here to fly these Missions with reverence and respect.  We will open our Bombay doors as a salute but we will drop no bombs to disturb the memory of our predecessors

Enjoy the camaraderie of flying together in formation or fly them alone, just enjoy them for what they are.  Fly them in B-17's or the Little Friends that served as Fighter Escorts.

Mission Recreation Dates in Rust have not been flown

Mission Recreation Dates in Yellow are next to be flown 

Mission Recreation Dates in Green have been flown

Links to Mission Details and Flight Plans in Rust

This WWII Film presents interesting logic for evading flack

91st Combat Missions Flown in 1942

 No.Historical DateRecreation DateTarget and Flight Plan Links

17-Nov-42 29-Jan-11Brest

28-Nov-42 25-Oct-14Abbeville

39-Nov-42 07-Feb-15St. Nazaire

414-Nov-42 19-Sep-15La Palice St. Nazaire

517-Nov-42 14-Nov-15St. Nazaire

618-Nov-42 09-Jan-16La Pallice

722-Nov-42 Lorient

823-Nov-42 St. Nazaire

96-Dec-42 Lille

1012-Dec-42 Romilly

1120-Dec-42 Romilly

1230-Dec-42 Lorient

91st Combat Missions Flown in 1943

No.Historical DateRecreation DateTarget and Flight Plan Links

1303-Jan-43 8-Jan-11St. Nazaire

1413-Jan-43 15-Jan-11Lille

1523-Jan-43 22-Jan-11Lorient

1627-Jan-43 06-Dec-11Wilhelmshaven

1704-Feb-43 27-Feb-16Emden

1814-Feb-43 12-Feb-11Hamm

1916-Feb-43 19-Feb-11St. Nazaire

2026-Feb-43 26-Feb-11Wilhelmshaven

2127-Feb-43 Brest

2204-Mar-43 5-Mar-11Hamm

2306-Mar-43 Lorient

2408-Mar-43 Rennes

2512-Mar-43 12-Mar-11Rouen

2613-Mar-43 Amiens

2718-Mar-43 19-Mar-11Bremen, Vegesack

2823-Mar-43 Wilhelmshaven

2928-Mar-43 26-Mar-11Rouen

3031-Mar-43 No Attack  Rotterdam

3104-Apr-43 02-Apr-11Paris

3205-Apr-43 09-Apr-11Antwerp

3316-Apr-43 16-Apr-11Lorient

3417-Apr-43 23-Apr-11Vegesack

3501-May-43 30-Apr-11St. Nazaire

364-May-4309-Jul-16 Antwerp

3713-May-43 Meault

3814-May-43 02-Jul-11Kiel


4017-May-43 17-Sep-16

4119-May-43 Kiel

4221-May-43 Wilhelmshaven

4329-May-43 St. Nazaire

4411-Jun-43 Bremen

4513-Jun-43 23-Jul-11Bremen

4615-Jun-43 AbortedLe Mans

4722-Jun-43 07-Jan-12Huls 

4825-Jun-43 10/10 CloudsHamburg

4926-Jun-43 AbortedVilla Coublay

5028-Jun-43 St. Nazaire

5129-Jun-43 AbortedTricqueville

5204-Jul-4321-Jan-12Le Mans

5310-Jul-43 AbortedVilla Coublay


5517-Jul-43 AbortedHannover




5928-Jul-43 AbortedKassel

6029-Jul-43 10-Mar-12Kiel

6130-Jul-43 24-Mar-12Kassel

6212-Aug-43 31-Mar-12Gelsenkirchen

6315-Aug-43 14-Apr-12Flushing (Vlissingen)

6416-Aug-43 21-Apr-12Le Bourget

6517-Aug-43 28-Apr-12Schweinfurt

6619-Aug-43 05-May-12Gilze Rigen

6724-Aug-43 12-May-12Villa Coublay

6827-Aug-43 19-May-12Watten      Last  28-Dec-11 

6931-Aug-43 09-Jun-12Amiens

7003-Sep-43 23-Jun-12Evreux


7215-Sep-43  21-Jul-12Romilly       Last  15-Oct-11

7316-Sep-43 11-Aug-12Nantes        Last  29-Oct-11

7423-Sep-43 25-Aug-12Nantes        Last  03-Dec-11

7526-Sep-43 AbortedMeulan

7627-Sep-43  08-Sep-12Emden

7702-Oct-43 10/10 CloudsEmden

7804-Oct-43 15-Sep-12Frankfurt

7908-Oct-43 29-Sep-12Bremen

8009-Oct-43 13-Oct-12Anklam

8110-Oct-43 27-Oct-12Munster

8214-Oct-43 03-Nov-12Schweinfurt

8320-Oct-43 RecalledDuran

8403-Nov-43 17-Nov-12Wilhelmshaven

8505-Nov-43     01-Dec-12Gelsenkirchen

8607-Nov-43 AbortedWesel

8716-Nov-43 AbortedKnaben

8826-Nov-43 15-Dec-12Bremen

  05-Jan-13 Leverkusen

9005-Dec-43 10/10 CloudsParis

9111-Dec-43 26-Jan-13Emden

9213-Dec-43 02-Feb-13Bremen

9316-Dec-43 23-Feb-13Bremen

9420-Dec-43 02-Mar-13Bremen

9522-Dec-43 23-Mar-13Osnabruck

9624-Dec-43 06-Apr-13Andres

9730-Dec-43 20-Apr-13Ludwigshafen

9831-Dec-43 04-May-13Cognac

91st Combat Missions Flown in 1944
No.Historical DateRecreation DateTarget and Flight Plan
994-Jan-44 18-May-13Kiel
1005-Jan-44  01-Jun-13Tours
1017-Jan-44 24-Aug-13
10211-Jan-44 07-Sep-13 Oschersleben
10314-Jan-44 27-Jul-13Croisette
10421-Jan-44 21-Sep-13La Glacerie
10529-Jan-44 05-Oct-13Frankfurt
10630-Jan-44 19-Oct-13Brunswick
1073-Feb-44 02-Nov-13 Wilhelmshaven
1084-Feb-4416-Nov-13 Frankfurt
1095-Feb-44 30-Nov-13Avord A/D
1106-Feb-44 10/10 Clouds.Nancy / Essey
11111-Feb-44 21-Dec-13Frankfurt
112 A20-Feb-44 11-Jan-14 A-Leipzig
112 B20-Feb-44 25-Jan-14B-Aschersleben
11321-Feb-44 08-Feb-14Achmer
11422-Feb-44 15-Mar-14Bunde
11524-Feb-44 12-Apr-14Schweinfurt
11625-Feb-44 10-May-14Augsburg
1172-Mar-44 14-Jun-14Frankfurt
1183-Mar-44 12-Jul-14Wilhelmshaven
1194-Mar-4409-Aug-14Koln Area
1218-Mar-4408 Nov-14Erkner (Berlin)
12723-Mar-4420-Jun-15Hamm Area
13026-Mar-44 03-Oct-15St. Jean
13128-Mar-44 24-Oct-15
Reims / Champagne
1338-Apr-44 19-Mar-16Oldenburg
13410-Apr-44 02-Apr-16Brussels
13511-Apr-44 07-May-16Stettin
13613-Apr-44 18-Jun-16
13718-Apr-44 15-Oct-16Oranienburg
13819-Apr-44 19-Nov-16Eschwege
13920-Apr-44 17-Dec-16Croisette / Beauvoir
14022-Apr-44 28-Jan-17Hamm
14124-Apr-44 25-Mar-17Erding
14225-Apr-44 22-Apr-17.Metz / Frescaty
14326-Apr-4420-May-17 .Brunswick
14427-Apr-44 10-Jun-17
La Glacerie
14528-Apr-44 29-Jul-17Avord A/D
14629-Apr-44 19-Aug-17Berlin
14730-Apr-44 09-Sep-17Lyons / Bron
1496-May-44 04-Nov-17Sottevast
1507-May-44 16-Dec-17Berlin
1518-May-44 20-Jan-18Berlin
1529-May-44 10-Feb-18St. Dizier
15311-May-44 17-Mar-18Konz Kartaous
Politz (Stralsund)
Villa Coublay
Nancy / Essey
16429-May-44 20-Jul-19Posen
16631-May-44Abortive Sortie
1682-Jun-44 25-Jan-20Massy-Palaiseau
1693-Jun-44 22-Feb-20Hardelot
1704-Jun-44 21-Mar-20Hardelot
1715-Jun-44 .Houlgate
1726-Jun-44 18-Apr-20La Riviera
1737-Jun-44 28-Sep-19Kerlin-Bastard
17510-Jun-44 16-May-20Boulogne Area
17611-Jun-44 .Beaumont Le Roger
Beaumont Sur Oise
17915-Jun-44 .Bordeau A/D
18018-Jun-44 .Hamburg
18119-Jun-44 .Bordeau
18220-Jun-44 .Hamburg
18321-Jun-44 .Berlin
18422-Jun-44 .Maxingarbe Pont A Vendon
18523-Jun-44 .Fleury
18624-Jun-44 .Distre
18725-Jun-44 .Toulouse
18828-Jun-44 .Anizy
1894-Jul-44 .Tours
1906-Jul-44 .Aire
191 "A"7-Jul-44 ."A" Koleda
191 "B"7-Jul-44 ."B" Leipzig
1928-Jul-44 .Etaples
193 "B"9-Jul-44 ."B" Crepicul
193 "C"9-Jul-44 ."C" Fleury
19411-Jul-44 .Munich
19512-Jul-44 .Munich
19613-Jul-44 .Munich
19716-Jul-44 .Augsburg
19818-Jul-44 .Peenemunde
19919-Jul-44 .Lechfeld
20020-Jul-44 .Leipzig
20124-Jul-44 .N.W. St. Lo
20225-Jul-44 .N.W. St. Lo
20328-Jul-44 .Merseburg Taucha
20424-Jul-44 .Merseburg
20531-Jul-44 .Munich
2061-Aug-44 .Chartres
2073-Aug-44 .Mulhouse, Toul/Croix, de Metz
2084-Aug-44 .Peenemunde
2095-Aug-44 .Nienburg
2106-Aug-44 .Brandenburg
211 "B"7-Aug-44 ."B" Sand
211 "C"7-Aug-44 ."C" Baurron-Marlotte
2128-Aug-44 .S.E. Of Bretteville, Sur Laize
2139-Aug-44 .Elsenborn
21411-Aug-44 .Brest
21512-Aug-44 .Buc
21613-Aug-44 .Le Manor
21714-Aug-44 .Met/Frechaty
21815-Aug-44 .Ostheim
21916-Aug-44 .Halle
22024-Aug-44 .Ld. Kolleda, Hi & Lo Goslar
22125-Aug-44 .Neubrandenburg
22226-Aug-44 .Gelsenkirchen
22327-Aug-44 .Holigoland
22430-Aug-44 .Kiel
2253-Sep-44 .Nickels-10-Tar
2265-Sep-44 .Ludwigshafen
2278-Sep-44 .Ludwigshafen
2289-Sep-44 .Ludwigshafen
22910-Sep-44 .Gaggenau
23011-Sep-44 .Lutzkendorf
23113-Sep-44 .Lutzkendorf / Eisenach
23219-Sep-44 .Hamm
23321-Sep-44 .Mainz
23425-Sep-44 .Frankfurt
23526-Sep-44 .Osnabruck
23627-Sep-44 .Koln
23728-Sep-44 .Madgeburg
23830-Sep-44 .Munster
2392-Oct-44 .Kassel (Fritzlar)
2403-Oct-44 .Neurnburg
2416-Oct-44 .Neubrandenburg
2427-Oct-44 .Frieberg-T.O. Hurzen
2439-Oct-44 .Schweinfurt
24414-Oct-44 .Koln
24515-Oct-44 .Koln
24617-Oct-44 .Koln
24719-Oct-44 .(Ludwigshafen) Karlsruhe
24822-Oct-44 .Brunswick
24925-Oct-44 .Hamburg
25026-Oct-44 .Munster
25130-Oct-44 .Hamm
2522-Nov-44 .Merseburg
2535-Nov-44 .Offenbach
2546-Nov-44 .Hamburg
2559-Nov-44 .Ground Support S. Of Metz
25616-Nov-44 .Ground Support Aachen Area
25721-Nov-44 .(Lutzkendorf) Merseburg
25825-Nov-44 .Merseburg
25926-Nov-44 .Altenbeken
26027-Nov-44 .Offenburg
26129-Nov-44 .Misburg
26230-Nov-44 .Zeitz
2634-Dec-44 .Kassel
2645-Dec-44 .Berlin
26512-Sep-44 .Stuttgart
26611-Dec-44 .Frankfurt
26712-Dec-44 .Merseburg
26815-Dec-44 .Kassel
26918-Dec-44 .Luxembourg Area (Screening Force)
270 "D"24-Dec-44 ."D" Merzausen
270 "C"24-Dec-44 ."C" Kirch-Gons
27128-Dec-44 .Ludendorf
27229-Dec-44 .Wittlich
27331-Dec-44 .Bitburg

91st Combat Missions Flown in 1945
No.Historical DateRecreation DateTarget and Flight Plan
2741-Jan-45 .Kassel
2752-Jan-45 .Prum
2763-Jan-45 .Koln
2775-Jan-45 .Koblenz
2786-Jan-45 .Koln
27910-Jan-45 .Ostheim
28014-Jan-45 .Koln
28115-Jan-45 .Ingolstadt
28217-Jan-44 .Praderborn
28320-Jan-44 .Ludwigshaven
28421-Jan-44 .Aschaffenburg
28522-Jan-45 .Sterkrade
28628-Jan-45 .Koln
28729-Jan-44 .Niederlahnstein
2881-Feb-45 .Mannheim
2893-Feb-45 .Berlin
2906-Feb-45 .Gotha
2919-Feb-45 .Altenbecken
29214-Feb-45 .Lead U/I T/O
29214-Feb-45 .Hi & Lo Prague
29315-Feb-45 .Dresden
29416-Feb-45 .Gelsenkirchen
29519-Feb-45 .Dortmund
29620-Feb-45 .Nurnberg
29721-Feb-45 .Nurnberg
29822-Feb-45 .Stendal
29923-Feb-45 .Meiningen Hildourghausen
30024-Feb-45 .Hamburg
30126-Feb-45 .Berlin
30227-Feb-45 .Leipzig
30328-Feb-45 .Schwarte
3041-Mar-45 .Neilbronn
3052-Mar-45 .Ld & Lo Chemnitz, Hi Jocketa
3063-Mar-45 .Chemnitz
3074-Mar-45 .Ld Reutlingen, Hi & Lo Ulm
3087-Mar-45 .Ld & Hi Dortmund, Lo Giessen
3098-Mar-45 .Huls
3109-Mar-45 .Kassel
31110-Mar-45 .Sinsen
31212-Mar-45 .Dillenburg
31314-Mar-45 .Vlotho, Lo Osnabruck
31415-Mar-45 .Oranienburg
31517-Mar-45 .Bohlen
31618-Mar-45 .Berlin
31719-Mar-45 .Plauen
31821-Mar-45 .Rheine / Salzberger
31922-Mar-45 .Dorsten
32023-Mar-45 .Coesfeld
32124-Mar-45 .Vechta
32224-Mar-45 .Twente / Enscheden
32328-Mar-45 .Spandau / Stendal
32430-Mar-45 .Bremen
32531-Mar-45 .Halle
3264-Apr-45 .Fassberg
3275-Apr-45 .Frafenwohr
3287-Apr-45 .Kolenbissen, Lo Fassberg
3298-Apr-45 .Stendal
3309-Apr-45 .Oberhaffenhofen
33110-Apr-45 .Oranienburg, Lo Rechlin/Larz
33211-Apr-45 .Freiham
33312-Apr-45 .Bayreuth
33415-Apr-45 .Neumunster
33516-Apr-45 .Rochefort Area
33617-Apr-45 .Dresden
33718-Apr-45 .Rosenheim
33820-Apr-45 .Brandenburg
33921-Apr-45 .Munich
34025-Apr-45 .Pilsen

Other Missions of Interest


      No.      Historical DateRecreation Date  Target and Flight Plan Links


      1          14-Jun-44              on request               St. Omer V1 Factory

    47          22-Jun-43            22-Sep-12                Huls                        Alt Time Mission

    52          04-Jul-43             06-Oct-12                Le Mans                   Alt Time Mission


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