III. Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 26


Station: Caffiers Air Base 

German Nickname: 'Schlageter'

American Nickname: 'The Abbeville Boys'

The A2A WoP2 Bf-109E is one of the aircraft that causes Flooding on the Server and should not be used.

Acceptable Axis Aircraft are as follows:

Flight Replicas - BF-109

Classic Hangars FW-190A, B and D and the TA-152

Classic Hangars ME-262A and B

Classic Hangars ME 163

Staffels of III./ JG 26



Callsign: Black

7 Staffel


Call Sign: White

                                                8 Staffel

Staffelkapitan: Hauptmann tba

Callsign: Red

                                               9 Staffel

Staffelkapitan: tba

Callsign: Yellow

Pilot's Area

91st UTC Time

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