Earn your Wings with the 91st Bombardment Group
    1 - Read and Understand our Getting Started Orders


    2 - Read and Understand our General Orders


    3 -Download and install the Freeware Flight Server called JoinFS  


         and set it up as follows


   4 - You will need to download and install the Teamspeak Communications Program    http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
   5 - Here are the instructions for setting up Teamspeak
  The Server Address is:     ts3.digitalthemepark.com    -    there is no password

6 - Create an Online Log Book in your Google Drive (don't enter data in this sample)
   7 - Enter all your 91st Flight Activity in your Log Book

   8 - Email a link to your 91st Log Book to:     oysterbay@cogeco.ca
   9 - Fly your Hops while in Teamspeak & JoinFS so that others can see and join you
 11 - Download and Install our custom WWII UKBA Bassingbourn Scenery 


 12 - Details of the 91st Hop Program can be found Here


Any Questions ?  Ask another 91st Member while you are in Teamspeak
or email to: