Once vRank has been Earned, Pilots may use these Signatures in Public Forums or Emails
Bomber Pilots     -     Fighter Pilots     -     Squadron Leaders
Courtesy of Rob Hollis at:   Skinny Pixel.com  (with the exception of the Squadron Leader and Instructor Flags)
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B-17 Bomber - vSergeant

B-17 Bomber - v2nd Lieutenant

B-17 Bomber - vCaptain

B-17 Bomber - vLt Colonel

Fighter - vSergeant

Fighter - v2nd Lieutenant

Fighter - vCaptain

Fighter - vLt Colonel

Red and Green vSquadron Leaders

322nd Bomb Squadron

324th Bomb Squadron

B-17 Bomber - vStaff Sergeant

B-17 Bomber - v1st Lieutenant

B-17 Bomber - vMajor

B-17 Bomber - vColonel

Fighter - vStaff Sergeant

Fighter - v1st Lieutenant

Fighter - vMajor

Fighter - vColonel

Red and Green vSquadron Leaders

323rd Bomb Squadron

401st Bomb Squadron