The 91st B-17G Formation Flying Competition

Flown Bi-Annually in April and November

Entry Requirements, Instructions and Scoring

All Pilots Must Meet the Following Criteria to qualify for Entry

Some items have been crossed out to inspire greater attendance in the Initial Event

  • The 4 Pilots who Enter must Fly, no Substitutions after Entry 
  • There will be Two Judges, Colonel Gypsy Baron and Colonel Seatime. Judgments and Scores are final
  • Judges will occupy the same channel as the Competitors, all spectators must must be in a different channel
  • Judges will communicate by Whisper so as not to disturb or alert the Competitors
  • All flight will take place in the "Competition Box" (See Diagram Below) Flying outside this Box will disqualify
  • Judges will assign the Runway just prior to the Taxi from the Tower area
  • No Scenery additions such as Markers, Pointers or Balloons shall be used
  • Full use of the Standard B-17 Check List will be used
  • A Practice Flight Plan using Runway 25 can be downloaded here (Practice FSX Flight Plan) See Picture Below
  • Copy and Print these instructions, there will be no instructions issued during the Contest 

Up to 170 Points will be awarded to each Team and Scoring will be as follows

Scoring on each bullet will fall between 0 and 10 Points with 10 Points being the Best Performance

All sections will be added together and he High score will carry the day

- The following 5 Files will be needed -

-   Area Reconnaissance Photo   - 
Formation Competition Box
RWY 25 Competition Flight Plan
5 and 10 Mile Range Rings at Bassingbourn

Skill Areas
Contest Instructions and the Various Skill Areas that will be Subject to Scoring
Points Available
Prompt Start

Prompt Start. There will be two active channels, one for the Competitors and Judges and one for the Tower Group. The Tower Group Mikes may be Live in the Tower Channel. The Competitors Mikes may be Live in the Competition Channel. The Judges will be in the Competition Channel but will communicate using the Whisper List so as not to distract or alert the Contestants. Each Aircraft will Spawn in a Hangar Cold and Dark (Base Modern & Lite Scenery with no Hangar Doors) Each Squadron will get one attempt with Crash off and the Server will have Password.

Contestants will spawn as follows:

Lead to H22

  # 2 to H21

  # 3 to H12

  # 4 to H11

All with Cold and Dark Cockpits.

Pilots will enter their Group and Element Position as their FSX Tail Number

       A-1        A-2        A-3         A-4

       B-1        B-2         B-3         B-4

       C-1        C-2         C-3        C-4

       D-1        D-2        D-3        D-4

Slew is not permitted at any time, only Taxi or Pushback is permissible

Up to 10 Points
Engine Start 

On Judges Command, Start Engines in the Hangars Using pages 5 & 6 of the

Link to the Official 91st PDF Checklist and in the order 3-4-1-2 with out using Auto Start.

Each pilot will call out when each engine's Oil Pressure reaches 50Lbs.

Chesklist Pages 5 and 6 will be used for Pre-Flight and Engine Starting.

Called by the Lead and Answered by the 2, 3 and 4 in sequence.

Up to 10 Points
1st Taxi

On Judges Command, Begin Taxi of all 4 Aircraft in unison from the Hangars to a Single File Lineup at the Hold Short point of RWY 25. All wheels should remain on the taxiways or runways at all times. The Judges will assign the Runway at this time.

Up to 10 Points
2nd Taxi and Takeoff
On Judges Command, Taxi and Hold Short at RWY 25. On judges Command, Taxi on to the RWY and Takeoff at 10 Second Intervals. Judges will look for the Symerty, Precision and Timing of a smooth Rolling Start
Up to 10 Points
Wheels Up
Each Pilot Calls Wheels up as soon as his Aircraft is Airborne.
Up to 10 Points
Track Keeping
Use the Link to the Competition Flight Plan built for Runway 25. On departure, maintain the Track of the Runway Heading allowing for wind, (Fly the C/L of the ILS Feather). Follow the Flight plan for the Cross Wind, Down Wind, Base and Up Wind Legs. Each Pilot should Call following: Rolling, Airborne, Break to Form, Break to Land. 
Up to 10 Points
Break and Form
Begin Breaks to Form 1 Minute 30 Seconds after the First Aircraft Rolls. Pilots will call their Breaks. Successful Form Up and continued Formation Flight throught the in the air portion will affect Point scoring.
Up to 10 Points
All Turns at Half Standard Rate. At Half Standard Rate, each turn (Course to Reciprocal) should take about 2 minutes. Adjust Bank Angle and Airspeed to deliver close to a 2 Minute Turn.
Keeping to the Flight Plan Track carries more importance than the Rate and Timing of the Turns.
Up to 10 Points
Maximum Speed for the event should not exceed 175 MPH or 152 Knots IAS.
Up to 10 Points
Maximum Altitude by any aircraft any time is 1,500 AGL.
Up to 10 Points
Flight Plan
Fly Two Circuits using the Competition Flight Plan Link with each upwind pass exactly over the Centerline of Runway 25 then Break to Land on the Downwing Leg of the Third Circuit when the Fowlmere VOR is Abeam.
Lead Will contact ATC for Request Permision for the Group to Land.
Up to 10 Points
Flaps and Gear
Pilos will call out Flaps and Gear Down on the Base Leg of the Third Circuit.
Up to 10 Points
Perform Touchdown on Runway center line, exactly on the center of the two thin lines between the Numbers and The Formal TouchTouchdown Zone in the Base Modern Scenery
Up to 10 Points
Roll and Wait
Roll to the End but Do Not Clear the Runway. All Aircraft will end up stopped in a Line on the Center Line Nose to Tail and very close together so that the Nose Turret Guns Exactly Overlap the Tail Gunners Guns. (Don't park too close or too far, overlap the Guns exactly)
Up to 10 Points
3rd Taxi and Park
Lead will Request Permission for the Group to Taxi in Unison and the Group will Taxi Close Together with all wheels on the Tarmac. Proceed to Parking directly in front of the Tower where you will Park on the grass in a straight Line Wingtip to Wingtip.
Up to 10 Points
Shutdown and Doors
Lead will coordinate Engine shutdown in Teamspeak as Temperatures permit. Verbal Callouts will be used as required to achieve Simultaneously Shut Down in the order 2-1-4-3.
On Leads command, Open all 3 Doors.
Up to 10 Points
Tower Scoring
From their perspective, the Tower Group will be asked to collectivly issue a score of from 1 to 10 Points prior to Judges Conference. Major Tomas will be asked to serve as a Moderator to administer the conversations that will deliver that score.
Up to 10 Points
Judges Scoring
Judges will confer in private and deliver Scores and Awards ASAP. The Judges decision will be final. It will list the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st Place Squadrons in that order.
Total Points Available
Up to 170 Points

Entries Recieved to Date

Team Alpha


Team Bravo


Team Charlie


Team Delta


Results and Awards

The Winning Group will be Awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal Ribbon
Awards will be added to the 91st B-17's and Pilots Page

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Groups will have their Pilot Names recorded in the chart below

April 6, 2014
Team Results 
1st Place Squadron
Charlie Group
April 6, 2014
Team Results 
2nd Place Squadron
Alpha Group
April 6, 2014
Team Results 
3rd Place Squadron
Bravo Group
April 6, 2014
Team Results
Delta Group
   Lead - Glen *Muso*
   Lead - Bert *Shadow*
   Lead - Sharkbait
  DNS - Alex
   2 - Russ *Packrat*
   2 - Mike *Meatball*
   2 - Junkman
  DNS - Skip Rock
   3 - Chicomick
   3 - Ned *ROC*
   3 - Max
  DNS - Hutch
   4 - Frippe
   4 - Bill Lockwood
   DNS - Alex *Guitardude*
  DNS - Doug the Dog
  DNS - Brian