They were called The Ragged Irregulars and they were our warriors of the skies. They fought a hard battle and at times they were alone in the skies with many never to return

Today we are here to honor and remember their great sacrifice.  In remembrance of those lost in WWII, we of the 91st Bombardment Group bring them back to life by flying their glorious ladies of the past, the B-17s and their Little Friends in FSX Simulation

We are dedicated to recreating the era in all its glory, providing everything from 24/7 COMM's, Custom RAF Scenery, Authentic B-17 Paint Schemes to Routing and Mission Planning

Just as in WWII, we are privileged to have a large and close knit membership who follow through our 'Getting Started' routine to the letter and obey our 'General Orders' without fault


Your kind support for the 91st would be most welcome
We are pleased to provide you with a Teamspeak 3 Server and a JoinFS Server

All our Training Hops and Flight Activity is flown using these two Servers

Together we can fly in FSX, FSXSE and P3D, all at the same time

Time, Weather and Scenery is all set by the individual in the Single Player Mode using

your existing Simulator - FSX, FSXSE or P3D

I have committed the 91st to pay the ongoing monthly costs associated with the running of the 91st Bombardment Group Website for your enjoyment

Any efforts you can make to help defray these costs would be greatly appreciated

 Please see our guestFinancial Supporters Page and join the long list of those members who have contributed to your pleasure

Thank you, and God Bless you all  -  vColonel Stephen *Seatime* Scott

Tears of Kingman

I believe that it is important to remember some of the milestones that have made the 91st what she is today. The 1st Bomber Squadron and their 110 Members merged with the 91st Bombardment Group back in April of 2010.

The extraordinary video above was produced using FRAPS by Mave|2ick-AGM-65 'Wargasmik', a New Zealander, boat builder, and Pilot. There were many other stars in the 1st, Captain Vaughn, the former XO and CO of the 1st hailing from Tennessee and Jimmy 'Jinxer80' the then Owner and CO to name a few.

God Bless

Shannon Productions Presents a 91st Bombardment Group Film - Born to Fly

24/7 Flight COMM's and 24/7 Multi Player FSX Server

Our Teamspeak 3 Server is online 24/7 and has unlimited slots

Go to the Downloads Hangar, download the TS3 Client version to match your OS (32 bit or 64 Bit)

The 91st uses Dedicated TS3 Servers with unlimited slots

Server Address   =   -    There is no Password

The following link will introduce the Digital Theme Park

As you log in to the TS3 Server, you will need to be given Citizenship in order to reach the 91st Channels. The Administrators at Digital Theme Park are a great bunch and are on the watch for us. Several of the 91st Administrators also have Admin Rights there and can help to get you all get settled.

We thank for their past assistance to the 91st

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