Welcome to the 91st Aircraft Paint Shop

As part of the 91st Bombardment Group, the Paint Shop offers personalized custom repaints for the following aircraft

Please note that all requests are subject to Painters Availability

A2A WOP2 Boeing B-17G

A2A WOP3 North American P-51D

A2A WOP3 Republic P-47

A2A WOP3 Supermarine Spitfire

MAAM Douglas C-47

These custom repaints are exclusive to the membership of the 91st Bombardment Group

If a member wishes to use a repaint from outside the 91st BG, or plans to design his own repaint, it must be submitted for approval to be added to the website so all member have access to that repaint

All repaints provided here are sanctioned and approved by the 91st Bombardment Group

Contact Colonel Seatime

Probationary B-17s for New Members waiting to Earn their Paint

These repaints for the A2A WOP2 and WOP3 B-17's are assigned to New Members as they fly Phase 1 & 2 of the Hop List. This allows us to maintain an orderly and professional appearance

Being a New Member and being supplied with the Probationary B-17, is not intended to mark you as a "Newbie" but to give make you feel a part of our group by flying in the colors of the 91st

If you have made your choice from the list of Named B-17's to be your future aircraft, select the Probationary B-17 that is assigned to the squadron that your future aircraft was assigned to during WWII.

Click on your assigned squadron to download the correct Probationary Paint

322nd Bombardment Squadron - L G

323rd Bombardment Squadron - O R

324th Bombardment Squadron - D F

401st Bombardment Squadron - L L

The B-17s in Service with the 91st BG

All links to the individual B-17 Aircraft of the 91st Bombardment Group are available on the "B-17's of the 91st" page

This is where you go to download the B-17 repaints that have been assigned to members who have completed Phases 1 & 2 of the Hop Program

Link to the B-17's of the 91st

Request a custom B-17 repaint here

The A2A WOP3 P-51's in Service in the 339th Fighter Group

Link to the P-51's of the 91st

Request a custom P-51 repaint here

The A2A WOP3 P-47's in Service in the Italian Campaign

Request a custom P-47 repaint here

The Official MAAM Sim C-47s in Service in the China-Burma-India Campaign

Link to the C-47's of the 91st

Request a custom C-47 repaint here

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