The China - Burma - India Campaign
CBI Campaign Tools of the Trade and Downloads

The MAAM Sim FSX R4D/DC-3/C-47 is the aircraft of choice for the CBI but here are some other useful links and files

HSI and Gyro Panels for the Payware MAAM FSX DC-3/C-47 by Norm Hancock with working E6B and fully operable panel switches Freeware

This link takes you to the MAAM FSX DC-3/C-47 Payware Download Payware

DC-3/C-47 with working E6B Complete Freeware Aircraft

 Awesum4sum DC-3/C-47 Complete Freeware Aircraft

8 new VC Cockpit Textures for the Stock FSX DC-3

DC-3 Sound Package for any DC-4/C-47, Fantastic Sound


Here are some checklists for your DC-3 or C-47 from:

DC-3 Pre-Flight Checklist

DC-3 Normal Checklist

DC-3 Emergency Checklist

DC-3 Weight and Balance Computer

DC-3 Certification - Oral Exam


Here are links to some great "How To" articles from:


Pre Takeoff







Go Around

Slow Flight

Sperry Autopilot

The China-Burma-India Campaign History

A veteran pilot once explained the "CBI* takeoff" to newcomers: "If you can see the end of the runway through the rain and mist, then a takeoff is expected."

Following the invasion of China in 1937, Japanese forces succeeded in controlling virtually all of China's Pacific coast, and large parts of the interior ? giving the Japanese Navy command of all ocean approaches. In the spring of 1942, Japanese units overran Burma (on India's northern border), cutting off the last significant land routes that supplied the struggling armies of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek in China.

The United States and its allies needed to keep China in the war because its forces preoccupied hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops. Holding that valuable Chinese turf permitted the Allies to attack Axis powers in the European theatre, at the same time building a necessary launch site for an Allied attack on Japan's home islands. However, that grand strategy could only work if China and allied troops could be routinely supplied.

In April 1942, pilots started flying the "Hump," and continued missions until 1945, when the Burma Road was reopened. The dangerous 530-mile long passage over the Himalayan Mountains took its toll. Nearly 1,000 men and 600 Air Transport Command (ATC) planes were lost over the hump by the end of China-Burma-India Theatres (CBI) operations. In addition, China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) lost 38 planes and 88 airmen.

"Flying the Hump" and delivering Troops, Fuel, Food, Munitions and Supplies is what this Campaign is all about. We will also patrol and protect the important Assam-Bengal-China Air Routes that criss cross the area such as Able, Charlie, Easy, Fox, King, Mike, Nan, Oboe, Peter, Roger, Love and King.

Together, we will fly to remember this Forgotten Theatre of WWII

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