Site Contacts & Administrative Responsibilities

 The 91st Bombardment Group (H) strives to be a Member driven initiative, always willing listen, discuss and to provide assistance on request

vColonel Stephen *Seatime* Scott

Commander 91st Bombardment Group

Command Staff

Site Owner and Administrator

Website Design

Concept, Evolution and Planning

Membership and Rank

Finance and Contracts

vColonel Paul *Gypsy Baron* Strogan

XO & Mission Development Officer

Command Staff

Site Administrator

Mission Design and Development

Mission Scheduling

Mission Requirements

Traveling Emisary

vLt. Col. Tomas Adolfo Muñoz

Command Staff

Documentation Officer

Mission Statistics Officer

Chair of Staff Advisory Committee

Pre Mission pdf

Post Mission Statistics

Mission Statistics Spreadsheet

vCol. William *Crusher* Lockwood

Command Staff

Site Administrator

Membership Officer

Training and Pilot Development Officer

Flight Instructor

Check Rider

Certified Pilot Program

Squadron Leaders

91st Bombardment Group Squadron Leader Positions are assigned by the CO

The Squadron Leader Job Description involves all of following qualities

  1. They are strong supporters of the 91st Bombardment Group and its Re-enactment Venue
  2. They have a natural ability to Lead and Command while being respectful and respected
  3. They have a Consistent Presence in TS3
  4. They are Expert with FSX & P3D Set Up and Operation
  5. They are Expert with Texture, Scenery, Gauge and Effects Installation
  6. They are Expert with all aspects of the A2A Acusim B-17 and appropriate use of an Autopilot
  7. They are Expert with Installing and the use of the GPS, the Custom Nav Pack
  8. They are Expert Formation Pilot with an uncanny ability to hold Formation Position
  9. They are able to regain Formation Position efficiently as needed
  10. They have Expert coaching skills to get Squadron's Pilots into and hold Formation Positions
  11. They carry the Warrant Officer Icon in TS3 allowing them to grant Citizenship and rank in TS3
  12. Responsible for the Induction, Development and Training of the Pilots in their Squadron
  13. They will Maintain their Squadron Leader Log Book to Document their activities
  14. 2 Leaders per Squadron, Cover and Support each other and provide greater presence
  15. They have a strong commitment to Teamwork and Effective Communications within the 91st
  16. They will make Strong use of the Calendar to host Training and Formation Sessions
  17. Colonel Stephen *Seatime* Scott will manage Membership and Pilot Promotions to Rank
  18. Shared Parking allocation of the 4 Squadron Leader parking spots, one space in each Hangar
  19. They are Authorized to fly the Squadron Leader Flags in their Forum Signature's and Emails
  20. Squadron Leaders will hold the rank of Captain or above

vColonel Stephen *Seatime* Scott

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