The 339th Fighter Group

Station: RAF Fowlmere

The 503rd - A Group: Armstrong

The 504th - B Group: Student

The 505th - C Group: Pretend 

Nickname: "The Lads From Fowlmere"

Standard Aircraft: A2A WOP3 P-51D

 The 503rd Fighter Squadron

A Group: Beefsteak

B Group: Unique

Squadron Code: D7 (Red Tail)

The 504th Fighter Squadron

A Group: Cockshy

B Group: Gluepot

Squadron Code: 5Q (Green Tail)


The 505th Fighter Squadron

A Group: Upper

B Group: Slapjack

Squadron Code: 6N (Silver Tail)

"While the official records and compendia indicate the 505th Squadron Identification was a yellow rudder, however, the 505th FS never painted their rudder as per regulations." Stephen C. Ananian, Secretary/Editor of the 339th FG Association - and veteran of the 339th FG - also states the following: "505th FS tails were silver, not yellow, we felt it was demeaning to have a yellow tail!"

The History of the 339th as recorded in Roger Freeman?s
book ?The Mighty Eighth Air Force?, also expounds on this this fact the following link.

"Note Error: - The rudder of the 505th FS was supposed to be yellow but was kept unpainted because of pilot?s objections"

Out of respect for the Pilots of the 339th, the 91st will respect their wishes and honor them by use the "Unpainted Rudder"

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