How to connect to the 91st JoinFS Flight Server

Note that all of our flight activity takes place while we are in the 91st Teamspeak Channels and also connected to the 91st JoinFS Server.

Check this LINK to see what version of JoinFS is in use on the DTP Server

Download and Install the JoinFS Flight Utility . . .  >-- HERE --<
Run JoinFS and Set it up as follows:

1 - Under "File", select "Scan for Models..."
   - Browse to the Root Directory of your Sim (FSX or FSXSE or P3D)
   - "Scan" This brings your Paint Textures into JoinFS for substitutions
   - Each time you add an aircraft or texture, you need to rerun the scan for models

2 - Under "File", select "Bookmarks" and set up a bookmark for the 91st Server

                Name         =     91st
                IP Address  =
                Port            =     6464
                Click OK to save your new Bookmark

3 - Under "File" select "Settings" and enter four Handle as your Nickname

4 - Under "File" select "Settings" and Enable ATC Mode to show Traffic in the GPS

5 - Start your Sim, Go to Single Player, Set your Time, Select your Aircraft and Location

6 - Start JoinFS and select "91st" Bookmark from the Join drop down menu

7 - Click on Join, the Network box will turn Green to show you are connected

Having problems, ask in Teamspeak