Section 8    -    Formation Landing Precision
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You will be ready to file for a Section 8 by the end of this one

The Formation Landing Precision Section is the last of the Practical Skills that will be tested in our Certified Pilot Program, It is also one of the most difficult.

Once you pass this Section, your Pilot Logbook will be the only thing standing between you and your Certified 91st BG USAAF Command Pilot Wings.

The following Films give some great pointers that may help with your Approach and Landing process.

The 1st Video was made by vCol. Alan *Alan A Dale* Cottrill who makes it looks easy.

By this time in the Program, you have hundreds of hours as Pilot in Command of your adopted B-17. You have flown a long series of Training Hops and have several Reenactment Missions under your belt. You must be as proud of yourself as your fellow Pilots are with you and we are thankful that  you have chosen to be part of our Team here at the 91st Bombardment Group (H).

Thank you for your Service, and Thank you for helping us to remember,

Colonel Steephen *Seatime* Scott

CO 91st Bombardment Group (H)

The pictures below shows the 3 versions of the Bassingbourn Scenery

UKBA Base Period

No runway markings

UKBA Base Modern

Base Modern will be used for

Section Eight

UKBA Base Precision

25-07 is longer

The check Ride for the Landing Precision "Section 8" will be three consecutive on target Landings

    1  -  The Check-ride Pilot will park his Jeep at the side of runway 25 in line with the Large Captains Bars.

    2  -  The candidate will Takeoff and fly Circuits making Touch and Go Landings.

    3  -  The Pilots Goal will be to land the Main Gear on the Center-line within the Large Captains Bars.

    4  -  Continue until you make Good On Target Landings 3 in a row.

Congratulations !

Assuming that your Pilot Logbook is up to date,

You have earned your USAAF Command Pilot wings and the Certified Pilot Icon in Teamspeak

You will still need to Submit a Link to your Pilot Logbook using the Link on the next and Final Section.