Section 5    -    Formation Station Holding and Rejoins
Open for Business

Where did You Go ?

This section hones in on the "where did you go" question that is heard often while flying in Formation. 

Everyone can become disoriented and loose perspective of where they are and where the other Aircraft are.

Your ability to answer this question without ever asking it is the key to success in this section.

There are Tools available to help you with the answer.

   1 -  Simply look around and scan the situation outside the windows from the Pilot Seat in the Cockpit.

   2 -  If you have Additional Camera Views installed, you can scan from the Bombardier, Tail Gunner Etc.

         (see Quartermaster's Office)

   3 -  FSX - F11 Use the Exterior Spot View and Pan around.


   4 -  FSX - F12 Use the Top Down View and zoom in or out to suit.

         (note that the Distance shown in the Tags is not accurate in this view).

   5 -  Install the Advanced Garmin 500 GPS with Terrain Shading and Traffic. (see Quartermaster's Office)

   6 -  Keep the FSX Tags turned on. ( CTRL+SHIFT+L )

The Check Ride for this Section will consist of the Following:

   1 -  We will take off and form with the Check Ride as Lead and the Candidate as the number 4.

   2 -  We will settle flying straight and level in Trail with the Candidate 50 feet behind the Check Rider

   3 -  On request from the Checkride Lead, close your eyes until asked to reopen them.

   3 -  When you are instructed to open your eyes, the Lead will no longer be in front of you.

   4 -  Find the Check Ride Lead, fly to reform 50 feet behind in the number 4 position.