Section 0    -    Starting and Checklists
Open for Business

Most of the Documents that we use in the 91st are available in PDF Format. There is now a way to open any PFD from within FSX by installing the Freeware Kneeboard Addon by Nils Meier. It's Readme File tells how to install it

The Starting Process for the A2A B-17G is covered in detail in the 91st Checklist below

It helps to also link your PDF Kneeboard to the B-17G A2A Acusim Manual so it will also be handy as a reference

Pilots who are ready to challenge the Starting and Checklists Section of the Certified Pilot Program

should complete the Entry Form located under the Certified Pilot Program Page or through the Link Button below

The test for this section will simply be a one on one Verbal walk through of the following Documents

B-17G Starting Process

 PDF Kneeboard Checklist

A2A B-17G Acusim Manual