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Active Duty

The 91st Bombardment Group (H) is a B-17 Group

By joining the 91st, all Pilots have committed to ACDU status by flying the B-17 through our Organised Hop List. This is the only way to earn Rank with the 91st.

It is suggested that all Pilots sign in to the Web Site on a regular basis to stay in tune with the group activities and read the Bulletin Board

Only active B-17 Pilots are eligible to fly in our organised Missions and Campaigns and they may fly as either a B-17 or a Fighter Pilot 

Veterans of WWII or Relatives of Veterans

See - WWII Unit History and Associations

Veterans who may not have FSX or be able to fly with us are welcome to become Members of our site. Please identify yourselves to Colonel Seatime by email on Joining so you can be assigned as a Co-Pilot aboard one of our adopted B-17's. You are welcome to join us in Teamspeak to be part of our Flight Operations or serve as ATC, We can provide the tools and training at no cost

The Fallen Flyers Memorial

A memorial was dedicated to the memory of Major K.F. Fantomfixer, and to all Fallen Flyers, who gave their lives fighting for what they believed in, Past, Present and Future

Here's to you Fantomfixer  -  January 24, 2010

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