Join us and Fly with the 91st Bombardment Group (H)

Join the 91st by Application Only

  • We supply the Flack, Scenery, Custom Aircraft Textures, Flight Plans and much more.
  • We offer a 135 leg training regiment divided into Phases that allow you to earn Rank and Awards.
  • We offer Formation Training and Aircraft Management in our Certified Pilot Program.
  • We provide Instructors and Check Riders.
  • We fly authentic Mission reenactments, originally flown in B-17's by the 91st in WWII.
  • We fly the Italian Campaign down low and fast in P-47 Razorbacks.
  • We fly the ominous terrain of the Hump in the CBI Campaign in C-47s.
  • We Supply Two FSX Multiplayer Servers with Fiber Optic Feeds.
  • We Supply a private Teamspeak 3 Server for our Communications.
  • We Supply you with your own Personal Online Logbook and ask that you maintain it.